We believe in Family Values

The bedrock of America is the family. After all, beds would not usually rock if people did not endeavor to create families. Nuclear families have been the basis of American life since early colonial times, with virtually all men marrying women and starting hardy families in colonies like Virginia or South Carolina. Family narratives have been at the heart of American governance since the Founding Fathers, with stories like Thomas Jefferson's undying love for Sally Hemmings or Alexander Hamilton's blissful family upbringing helping to define a truly American experience.

We believe in Free Markets

American capitalism is second to none, and this is because of Free Markets. Since the founding of our illustrious Republic, a Free Market system of minimal government intervention has nurtured benevolent industrial titans like Standard Oil or US Steel and led to unsurpassed and completely uninterrupted economic growth.

We believe in Fiscal Responsibility

If most Americans can keep themselves out of debt and manage their finances competently, there’s no reason that the American government can’t. Just like American families always do, let’s balance our national budget and live within our means.

We believe in Security

America has always been and continues to be a strong nation because of the brave men who lay their lives down in the name of freedom at places like Little Bighorn, Kasserine Pass, or Khe Sanh. To honor the sacrifices they make, we must be steadfast and committed to maintaining a robust security apparatus.

We believe in Freedom

From the beginning, America has embraced freedom and liberty for people of all races and creeds. Whether we want to emulate John Adams' kind treatment of journalists or learn from former Senator Strom Thurmond's compassionate support for equality, historical precedents guide us on an unquestionable path of freedom. Let us continue this legacy. Let us spread freedom around the world.

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America is exceptional

America is a unique experiment in democracy and freedom unparalleled by any other nation on God’s earth. We as citizens need to uphold, protect, and respect America’s exceptional status on the world stage, to make sure that our purple mountain majesties or amber waves of grain continue to inspire generations to come.

It is our duty

As American citizens, we have entered into a social contract that requires active citizen participation in the democratic process. It is our obligation and sacred duty as Americans to engage in democracy as much as we can.

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We are legit

Joe Six PAC is a FEC-registered nonconnected, independent expenditure-only committee. Our FEC ID is C00511022.

We are Americans

We are Americans. And so can you.

We are bored

... and since you read this far, you probably are too.

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